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Shingles is an infection that causes a painful rash and can last for up to 4 weeks.

If you have not had chickenpox before your risk of catching shingles is low unless you come into direct contact with the shingles rash. If you’re over the age of 50 or if you have a compromised immune system we recommend discussing the possibility of getting the shingles vaccination before you travel.

Catching Shingles

It’s not clear why some people suddenly catch shingles. If you have had chickenpox you are at risk of developing shingles, while it can occur in people at any age it is more common in those over 50. Approximately 1 in 4 of us will catch shingles in our lifetime and you can catch shingles more than once.

Vaccination against shingles

The shingles vaccine contains a weakened form of the chickenpox virus that causes shingles. This works to build up your bodies defences against the shingles virus, so should you come into contact with it you can fight it off. Typically this vaccine is only for those considered at risk or over 50. Ask our team for more information.

Shingles can be contagious

If any part of the rash is oozing, you can spread the infection. It’s particularly important to avoid people with compromised immune systems that have not had chickenpox before.

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